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Ken L. Berry

Ken L. Berry is Senior Translation Consultant with Bible League International, based in its Hurst, Texas office. Since 1991 he has been involved in over 30 Bible translation projects. He studied at ACU while Tom Olbricht was professor and dean, then at Yale, and was a visiting professor at Pepperdine while Tom Olbricht was Religion Division Chair. His review of Rhetoric and Scripture: Collected Essays of Thomas H. Olbricht will appear in Restoration Quarterly.


Thomas H. Olbricht: In Memory of a Life Well Lived

Volume 1 | June 6, 2022

Theme: In Memoriam

During the 2021 Christian Scholars’ Conference at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, a group of scholars presented their reflections on the life and work of Thomas H. Olbricht, the namesake of the conference, who had died a few months earlier. Speaking for many at the conference and around the world, these scholars sought to find…

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