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Paradoxum invites submissions of articles and media productions that address the intersection of religion and the disciplines. As an interdisciplinary journal, Paradoxum seeks submissions from a wide variety of disciplines in the liberal arts, sciences, business, law, education, and medicine. All submissions undergo double-blind peer-review and are published on a rolling release format. Paradoxum accepts submissions for publication throughout the duration of each volume (beginning in July and concluding in June).

Call for Submissions

Volume themes follow the annual theme of the Christian Scholars’ Conference (CSC). For Volume 2, Paradoxum seeks submissions integrating faith and interdisciplinary approaches to building a livable world. The journal welcomes contributors from all disciplines.

Global climate change presents diverse societal challenges. Solutions to the ecological, sociopolitical, economic, and public health problems created or exacerbated by climate change require fresh perspectives and collaboration across disciplines. Many researchers have already embraced this interdisciplinary approach to map the scope of the problems and solutions. However, most of these collaborations have a possible blind spot: the role of religion to impact the problems and solutions. In this volume of Paradoxum, we seek scholarship that integrates faith-based responses to climate change with other disciplines in relation to the following questions: 1) How can people of faith raise awareness of the impacts of climate change on those most severely affected: namely, the “least of these” with limited resources or ability to adapt to changing conditions? 2) How have people of faith aligned climate change mitigation and its societal impacts with their religious values? 3) What are the barriers to climate action among people of faith, and how can these barriers be addressed? 4) How can people of faith build long-term sustainable practices and good stewardship? 5) How have faith-based claims and religious appeals been used legally and/or politically to stymie efforts to combat climate change? Submitted papers may stem from any single or multiple disciplines, with the common denominator of integrating the impacts of people of faith into the scope.

In addition to submissions related to the theme of a livable world, Paradoxum will also consider other relevant material for publication in Volume 2, including but not limited to articles, photo essays, poetry, and book reviews. Paradoxum publishes original scholarship that is accessible to a general readership, whose disciplinary expertise spans across academic fields. Paradoxum does not consider previously published work or simultaneous submissions.

Instructions for Contributors

Written submissions should be between 5,000 and 7,500 words, double-spaced, and include:

Author name(s) (as it should appear in publication), official title(s), and affiliation(s). If the submission is a multi-authored work, please indicate which author should be the primary contact for the journal.

An abstract of no more than 200 words.

A list that indicates 1) academic discipline, 2) primary theme(s) addressed in the submission, and 3) key words.

Illustrations, photographs, tables, graphics, and other visual content pertinent to the submission and that is to be included alongside the written manuscript. Upon acceptance, the journal will engage you in considering additional appropriate images. Any copyrighted material requires permission, to be obtained by the author(s). The journal also encourages pertinent content from the author’s (or others’) privately held collections.

The removal of all identifying information. To protect the author’s anonymity during the review process, all identifying information should be removed from the manuscript. In Microsoft Word, remove personal information from file properties by clicking on File > Properties.

Please send your submission as a Microsoft Word document via email attachment to both Volume Editor Dr. Helen Holmlund ( and Managing Editor Joshua Fleer (

For questions, email Managing Editor Joshua Fleer (

Paradoxum does not require an author fee for submission or publication.

For information about Paradoxum’s double-blind peer-review and internal review process, please see the Review Process.

Additional Instructions Upon Acceptance

Upon acceptance, each contributor will provide a headshot and a 75-word bio in the 3-sentence following format: One sentence with your name as you would like for it to appear in your byline, followed by your official title, department (if not immediately clear from your title), and institutional affiliation; one sentence listing any publications that you wish to highlight; and one sentence on your research focus, especially as it pertains to the present publication. The headshot can be the same one that you use as your institutional photo if you have permission to distribute it for this purpose.

Paradoxum recognizes that professors have greater access to audio/visual editing technology and are increasingly literate in video production software for developing their own audio/visual presentations to accompany their written articles. Where written articles have been accepted for publication by authors who have access to and are familiar with audio/visual resources, journal staff will work with authors in the creative production of audio/visual accompaniments whenever feasible.

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